Flooring & Installations

Concrete Slabs

Concrete slabs are 90 – 100mm thick, reinforced, have a polythene moisture barrier underneath with a trowelled and smooth finish (for easy sweeping).


  • Long lasting and extremely low maintenance

  • Waterproof

  • Installed by our professional team, with over 15 years’ experience.

making concrete slab from shed quarters

Timber Floors

Only available from ShedQuarters and sized to fit all of our metal and timber sheds. This floor is designed as a cost effective solution and a great alternative to a concrete floor/slab. Our professional team will install our timber floors for you.


  • Manufactured completely from Treated Pine with a moisture barrier underneath, ensuring long term protection from insects and decay.

  • Built with a recessed floor ensuring that your shed remains waterproof.

  • Great option for those wanting a temporary placement of their shed, as well as permanent.

  • Economical, especially for the smaller to average garden shed.

  • Available as a DIY option as well

Installing Your Shed;

  1. To make life easier for you we offer a full professional installation service including a floor, whether it be timber or concrete or your own, we are the experts. Our team of experienced installers can take care of the whole job for you with a minimum of fuss.
  2. DIY – our sheds are supplied with everything you need to install the shed yourself.
timber flooring, rib type roof walling and roofing by shed quarters
timber wood flooring by shed quarters